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"Clothes Don't Make The Man (Or Woman)", but there's significant value in being well tailored, well-groomed and well prepared. With over 19 years in the industry and being considered a master clothier, you'll love and value the L.R. CLOTHIER experience. The business was founded in 2004 by James Davis, the present day Chairman of the company and Creative Director of the brand. James initially began a career in men ready-to-wear, as a manager in an entry-level national company. With a lot of early success, James desired to become a buyer for the company, but there wasn't a fit, which lead to the idea of launching a brand. At first, there was the direct sales necktie business, which expanded to ready-to-wear shirts and special order suits. There were the trips to tradeshows and industry events all over the country. This all lead to what would become L.R. CLOTHIER, the company that is named after the daughter of James Davis.

Custom Tailor Memphis

We now source the world's best mills for the finest fabrics. There's Peru, France, Italy, Asia and even South America. In order to have the finest tailored garments, you must start with the finest raw materials and textiles. Over the years, tailoring became the ultimate passion. The signature house style of the brand is what we called a "Contemporary Classic"... a slightly new twist on the styles and form models that date back to the late 1800s. Our tailoring roots date back over 50 years, giving us the expertise required to create beautifully tailored bespoke garments. We employ the world’s finest tailoring standards on every project and spare no expense on the process.

Our garments are prized mostly of hand work resulting in a pattern that is unique to each customer. Our shirt collars are tuned by hand, we use the finest materials in the canvassing of our jackets. We also employ natural horn buttons on all tailored garments. These are just a few of the standards you will enjoy on your next L.R. CLOTHIER custom garment.


Our location at 629 S. Cooper, boasts a conservatively modern interior with medium lighting, hardwood floors and open spacing. In the store you will find our cocktail bar as well as a mix of retail and community events. See a full listing of how we give back to the community, by clicking on the Events Page.




STORE PHONE NUMBER: 901.296.4003

Custom Made Suits


L.R. CLOTHIER flagship store sits in the Cooper-Young District, a very progressive and culturally diverse community. There's always something going on, from the mix of restaurants, eclectic businesses, art expressions, bars and grills, live music venues and other community related activities. Come by next time you are in the area.

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