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What we do is stylishly and professionally different!

With over 2,000 luxurious fabrics, you're sure to have your expectations surpassed with the L.R. CLOTHIER experience. Pinstripes, plaids, tone-on-tones and microchecks are some of the options that you'll meet. Our fabric collections start with Super 100's, then expand into Super 120s & 140's.  

Each suit is totally handmade with each client having their very own pattern cut to exact specifications. The L.R. CLOTHIER signature house style is framed as contemporary classic, which means your wardrobe investment will serve you for many years.

Just a few ways our bespoke suits are different, making your suit the best fit and most beautiful garment you will have ever worn.

At L.R. CLOTHIER, we start where some other brands end - we start at the highest level as our standard.

  • Each custom suit comes with:

  • Half or full canvas

  • Handpick stitching

  • Functioning buttonholes

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • Handsewn buttonholes

  • Softer, more natural shoulders

  • Handmade collar

  • Bemberg lining in the jacket AND the pants as well

Guaranteed delivery in 3 - 4 weeks. Rush orders also available.

Each custom-tailored suit by L.R. CLOTHIER is still moderately priced, starting at only $875



Every custom-made shirt at L.R. CLOTHIER is meticulously tailored to fit your body, style, taste and purpose. With 3 generations of years of sartorial custom shirtmaking experience, our patterns are expertly designed, tested and refined to ensure a modern silhouette and precise fit.

Each shirt is handmade with exact specifications and single-needed tailoring with 22 stitches per inch. Pima, Sea Isle, Broadcloth, Super 100's and other fabrics make up our huge collection. Every detail is at your request. French, mitered, cocktail or standard cuffs are available as well as over 30 collar designs.

Each shirt has fused collar and cuffs for a very pronounced look and durability. Monograms are available.

Guaranteed delivery in 3 -  4weeks. The L.R. CLOTHIER custom shirt is a beautiful experience, with prices starting at only $135.



All our shoes, boots, bags & leather goods are handmade in Spain —current artisans for the most recognized and luxurious brands in Italy and France. Excellence in craftsmanship has been at the very heart of their products for almost 90 years. Delivery in 3 -  4 weeks