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The first time I ever wore a custom shirt was when James made me one. He told me that I wouldn't want to wear another off the rack shirt again and I haven't. I think I have like 30 of James shirts he's done for me.
- Christian W. (Funeral Home Director)

It was really too many to choose from during our appointment, I was lost. I told him to just take my measurements and make me look good. I went back in about 3 weeks and I had four really nice shirts. I've ordered 2 more times in the last five months.
- Barry T. (City Of Memphis Director)

Every year FEdEx has this big Cristmas party. I was tired of the black dress. So while with my husband picking up his suit, it was suggested that I go to the party this year - in a custom tuxedo jacket. It was a jacquard material and tuxedo pants. I couldn't walk five feet without a compliment. I really didn't want to tell them where I got it from, but I did. I would just smile and say James Davis at L.R CLOTHIER.
- Carolyn F. (FedEx Manager)

I was a little nervous going to the ESPY Awards, knowing all the athletes would be dressed to the nines and this was my first time. The awards were in three days and my plane was leaving in two days. There was a nice jacket hanging on the rack. I tried it on, had the fitting done and the next day, I was back in the store picking up a fitted suit. I felt right at home at the ESPYS and everyone loved my suit.
- DeAndre J. (Sports Agent)

I killed it at the BET Awards! It was a black suit with red accents. It was made with a old school look. 
- DJ Boogaloo (Top DJ)
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